NaMÓ is an exuberant, multi-talented, boisterous MC, Actor, and Comedian; a skilled events coordinator, entrepreneur, and comedy writer.

Not only is NaMÓ a Nollywood actor but he also appears in comedic skits and commercials in the US.
Acting, hosting events and stand-up comedy are what he considers his “element in three parts”… but any opportunity to fuse as many of his skills as possible in a single performance is his motivation. Check out NaMÓ in these great performances:

“Unwanted Guest” (with NaMÓ voiceover) — A Nollywood Movie Industry Production

SNHU National Commercial


An Excerpt From Applause Africa Magazine’s Spotlight

If you could guest star on a cartoon show, which would it be?
I love cartoon shows! I watched them growing up. In fact I believe I mastered the entire English vocabulary watching Cartoon Network! I think it’s a tie between: to guest star on Voltron with my purple lion to defend the universe (universe defending oh! not one galaxy!); or on its believed
competitor, Transformers (and yes, it was a cartoon before it became a movie). Point is, I’m going to either drive a mechanical lion with awesome fire-power or a fantastic car with great horse-power!