NaMÓ is an exuberant, multi-talented, boisterous MC, Actor, and Comedian; a skilled events coordinator, entrepreneur, and comedy writer.

Inspired by his Father to pursue his dreams, he found his niche through learning from various inspirational comedic talents, especially from performances by Chris Rock who he considers his virtual-mentor, grand master of comedy, Ali Baba as well as extra-talented hosts/MCs — Frank Edohor and IK (formerly known as Wild Child). NaMÓ is ready to set any place on hopping with laughter!


An Excerpt From Applause Africa Magazine’s Spotlight

Where did you hang out as a teenager?
So you know that place in New Jersey, with a skating rink by the go-kart area near the arcade which has the bowling alley with Six Flags next door? Well, look east, just about 5000+ miles away, you’ll see my hang out spot: Lagos, Nigeria! Specifically, at a snooker/ billiards spot called “Raiders” (Editor: you mean ‘pool’ like we say in the US?) Nope, please let’s call it snooker/billiards since ‘pool’ implies either of two things in
Africa. First, it can mean a ‘swimming pool’ which can’t last, because people would fetch the water for cooking and then it becomes “big hole in ground” and secondly ‘pool’ is the playing of numbers just like the lotto but a version which is the lowest level of gambling known to mankind! So my spots were, Raiders (snooker/billiards) and Bar Beach (University of Suya). Yes! It’s a real beach in Lagos!