Master of Ceremonies

NaMÓ is an exuberant, multi-talented, boisterous MC, Actor, and Comedian: a skilled events coordinator, entrepreneur, and comedy writer.

When hosting an event, acting, or just doing stand-up comedy, NaMÓ seeks to inspire others to release their worries through laughter. In his words,
“Laughter for the African is the only way… look at us! How else do you think we survive? It’s like fish in water! Laughter for everyone is the best medicine… it’s free and it works!!” It’s a sure thing with NaMÓ — He’s always ready to set any atmosphere on Humor-Fire!!


Location and Hosting (MC services)

NaMÓ has hosted numerous events and weddings in the US, UK, Canada and Nigeria.

Hosted Weddings, Stand up Comedy and Hosted Events in the following Locations:
(Label codes: W = Wedding, P = Comedy Performance, E = Event Hosting)

  • United States (W,P,E)
  • United Kingdom (P,E)
  • Canada (W,E)
  • Nigeria (W,P,E)
  • New Jersey (W,E)
  • New York/NYC (W,P,E)
  • Atlanta, GA (W)
  • Houston, TX (W)
  • Dallas, TX (W)
  • North Carolina (W)
  • Maryland (W,P)
  • Virginia (W)
  • Crest Hill, IL (P)
  • Rhode Island (E)
  • California (W,P,E)
  • Pennsylvania (W)

An Excerpt From Applause Africa Magazine’s Spotlight

What African foods need to be removed from our menu?
Chineke!! African food disappear?! Are you serious?! SMHID!! It’s only African food that should be allowed to remain on earth; it’s always 100% organic! We Africans get the difference between “spicy” — meaning flavorful, and “hot” — meaning peppery. In the US, spicy (incorrectly) means hot and then it’s barely peppery enough to give to a baby not to
talk of an adult; so you can see the confusion. Overall, I don’t mind African food. I don’t know why people think it’s primitive that we (Africans) sit together and dip our hands into a blow of lumps and liquid, while sucking our fingers and teeth. It must be those same people who will say that our food should disappear!Your question is suspicious!