Love In Relationships — part 1

NaMO and his wife, Gozie at ADA - Africa DIaspora Awards After Party

Love in relationships is a law that cannot be refuted. It is sung in ballads, dramatized in life and celebrated in every mind. It is daunting and inspiring. It drives the very core of our being to seek companionship. It is a fact so entrenched that we have rightly endorsed it as God ordained and have infused it with our own ideologies to the point that its actual meaning has become as esoteric as God has become to the most of us. Yet, as solid and as important as it may sound in sync with relationships, the subtle drama that seems to criticize and ridicule this law lies most times in the feelings radiated by couples in apparently long relationships; feelings that desire “Change”.

Unfortunately quite a number of couples believe that this desire for newness and change is real, cannot be dealt with and require super human strength! Besides someone famous must have said “Change is the only constant thing” and thanks to all of us, the slogan permeates our minds and holds sway in every area of life as it seems. These challenging and changing feelings can be summarized in any of these 3 suggestive questions from either couple:

    “Do you feel in anyway that you are in a cage in this relationship?”
    “Has this relationship become one you are no longer interested in?”
      “Can these factors break us up?


      a) Family Advice


    b) You’re longing for someone else?”

If this is you, stay tuned for more from our next post!

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